Edward Banayoti Is an international businessman with interests in Property, Real Estate and Defense

Edward Banayoti Is an international businessman with interests in Real Estate

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Edward Banayoti Is an international businessman with interests in Property, Real Estate and Defense, he was born in Cairo on the 15th September 1964 to a Greek mother and Egyptian father, he gained a degree in accounting from the University of Toronto, backed up with further studies at York University in Ontario. He commenced his commercial career, initially in the hotel business, where he bought, upgraded and sold on 22 hotels which eventually became a major Canadian hotel chain.
Beside the hotel projects he also created a business involved in exporting commodities to Egypt and other African countries. In 2010 the company was incorporated as an Ontario Corporation.
He also formed Silent Circle Corporation (Canada), EB Cornerstone Holdings, Banayoti Asset Management Limited (UK), Banayoti Capital Limited (UK) and EB Cornerstone Holdings (Canada).
Edward registered Banayoti holdings in the United Kingdom in 2015 as the holding company for Defense Unlimited International Canada a federal corporation, which since then flourished to have few offices, and over 200 consultants, specialist of dealing in Government, Defense, Military and Security industries across the world it plays an important role within Banayoti Holdings, Defense Unlimited is now considered one of the largest defense contractors in Canada, USA, UK and the world.
Benayoti Holdings manages all its own investments across the globe. The companies are acts as advisors and asset managers to associations, central banks, educational institutions, financial advisors, foundations and endowments.
Bayanoti Holdings are long-term investors and thought leaders over the last 3 decades the company have become pioneers and continues as a major provider of investment solutions across all asset classes; especially distressed assets.
Edward Banayoti is a notable member of
– The Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries.
– National Military Intelligence Association
– NCAGE, Nato portal for supplying defense supplies
– The International Board of ICDT
– The Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries
– The Canadian Center of Ethics and Corporate Policy
– The Association of Schools of Political Studies
Edward Banayoti is the CEO of TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd which is established to acquire small, and regional airline companies in Europe & Africa, to innovate those companies, and meet their customer’s expectations. We are focusing on restructuring distressed aviation, and airlines assets, by implementing cost reduction measures best available IT, and strategic planning, as well as injecting the appropriate level of cash injection needed.it offers airline manned & unmanned safety, risk and reliability analysis, safety critical tasks analysis, and international support and logistics.
Edward Banayoti Canadian entrepreneur expanded a business empire into the UK, Europe, Latin and South America he is a successful senior defense contractor and a successful business development provider many international business.